ISp wünscht: Guten Rutsch!

InnerSphere wünscht allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Und last es ordentlich knallen :)

mfg Yromem

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L4D2: Promod 3.4 update released

HeaderWhiteThe Promod Developers still developing the Promod 4.0 version and because good things take some time they decided to release a between version; Promod 3.4 which already fixes a lot of bugs and adding a lot of new Features.

But just check the Developer statement yourself:

Pro Mod 3.4

Pro Mod 4.0 development is taking much longer than previously expected. We have decided it is best if we continue to release updates while we are working out the kinks of the new version. For now we are going to keep it short and sweet. We hope that this update gives you a chance to play with some of the changes from 4.0 and to adapt. We apologize for this update taking so long, but sometimes if you want something done right you have to double and triple check things. From now on I will be keeping the steam group updated with info on our development and possibly beta releases, so make sure to check it out! L4D2 Pro Mod Steam Group We have also moved our website over to: We will keep this site up to date with downloads and changelogs! Anyways onto the changes…

3.4 Change Log:
- The 2nd finale tank is now blocked in order to makes finales shorter and more survivable. (Intro tank remains unchanged)
- Tank grace period reduced from 25 seconds to 20.
- Tank LOS delay reduced from 2 seconds to 1.
- Tank rage meter reduced from 20 seconds to 18.
- Unblocked early tanks on Death Toll 1.
- Fixed pills healing at half the intended speed.
- Removed intro cut scenes.
- Added ladder blocking fix.
- Updated all Customogl files. Pro Mod now supports The Bloody Moors, Damit 2, and Warcelona.
- Cleaned up all files… zombie bat was upset.
- Set max lerp changes to 5.
- Updated a lot of plugins to current versions.
- Removed all vscripts for L4D1 maps. (They were broken and causing more harm than good)
- Added an optional small blip sound to readyup’s countdown and a random moustachio chuckle when live.
- Added Teamflip. !teamflip or !tf to use.. this is coinflip but it prints a team for you to join.
- Added Tank Rock Selector. Melee = Two hand overhand, Reload = One hand overhand, Use = Underhand
- Added !cf and !roll to coinflip. !roll now does the same as !picknumber

Stripper Changes:
- Modified or removed most or all of Promod 3.3.3′s props. Props that hurt SI more than helped were tweaked or changed based on competitive feedback. Unnecessary/excessive props were removed.
- Fixed or blocked several exploits, glitch spots, punch spots, and stuck spots.
- You no longer have to prespawn to get inside of the breakable walls near the Dark Carnival 2 event.
- Nerfed the No Mercy 5 and Cold Stream 3 first ladder deathcharges.
- Hard Rain 1 now only has 1 SMG and 1 pump shotgun in saferoom: to get more primary weapons players must go into the diner.
- Added props to mitigate water slowdown on hard rain 3 after the sugarmill in an attempt to balance tank fights.
- Removed Promod 3.3.3 Hard Rain 4 alarm car event near end saferoom. (path still exists, however)
- Re-allowed Survivors to jump from the blue truck to the fences to the rooftop in Hard Rain 4.
- Significantly reduced hittables on Passing 1 due to balance issues. Reduced hittables slightly on Death Toll 1 opening area to allow early Tanks once again.
- Fixed Death Toll finale. Chrome / Silenced SMG always on the dock and 4 pills always on the fireplace in the picnic pavilion.
- Added back shopping carts on dead center 2 in the event area.

Download: Pro Mod 3.4 – Unzip and copy to your server’s /left4dead2/ folder.

Note: We have included confogl_personalize and confogl_rates in this download. If you don’t want these to overwrite your existing files just remove them before uploading. Also map distances may need tweaking after these changes, so we will release an update in the near future with improved distances based on community input. Please share feedback in this thread or in the steam group.

Developers : Jacob, Stabby, ępilimic, CircleSquared (Inactive)
Customogl : EsToOpi, Jacob, Sir
Plugins : CanadaRox, ProdigySim, Blade, Jahze, Jacob, Tabun, Vintik, Stabby, CircleSquared,
Grego, purpletreefactory, Greenice, ępilimic, Raecher
VScripts : Jacob, Tabun, CircleSquared
Stripper : Jacob, Blade, Tabun, Stabby, CircleSquared, Visor, ępilimic

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Latest Cup News & Results banner


Hi everyone,

we have finished all our Cup Matches now. As we lost most of the games (but still played good in general) we did not make it to the Playoffs.

Our latest matches had been vs. Velocity [VOD click:] which we lost after we got DDos’ed while the match and vs. Noobers Killers where we finally won a match :) . Of course that one was not Streamed :(  so we cannot offer a VOD.

A special thanks goes to the Team of L4D2TV, pWg-eu and especially .Snow and Don Arni.

Unfortunately Author and Genius Ape have decided to leave the ISp Team. Genius want try to open up an own Team and Author do not want to play competitive Tournaments anymore with that time consuming commitment.

Good luck you too and we will see us again!

InnerSphere is not searching for 2 good players for the Team, please ask me if you are interested.

greetz THyroXIN´-

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InnerSphere vs. Northsiders banner

Here you have the Video on Demand from our last Cup Match vs Northsiders.

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InnerSphere vs. Team Guilty bannerHere is the Video on Demand from the Match Stream.

We lost close, but we feel like winners. How one fail can make the difference.

We really failed Map1 hard so we haven’t been able to fight back all the lost Points.

We have been able to get back a lot of Points but in the end it was not enough.

Picture starts @ 0:50

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Overview vs. InnerSphere banner
Here you can watch the last Cup match in a HD VOD.

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The International’s Cup recent&sheduled matches

Today we Play our second match against σνєяνιєω at 5:00 PM.
Hopefully there will be a Live Stream again like the last time. Visit to watch.


σνєяνιєω vs InnerSphere
17:00 Death Toll [1-4] Group 2 Turn 2 Match 2
simp1eX vs Loshara Skill
19:00 Hard Rain [1-4] Group 1 Turn 4 Match 1

For those who missed our last game there is a HD VOD out there. We lost but we did well, however.

   Les Touristes  defeats  InnerSphere (3573-2231)
Death Toll [1-4]  (September 12, 2013 – 20:30)

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TI: Cup Groups banner


Hereby I present you the Groups of the cup and the first official scheduled Match!
On Thursday Team InnerSphere will face Les Touristes on Death Toll.
The Skill in the Groups is high and it will be hard for us to stand our ground. But we will will try hard to take our chances.

SCHEDULED MATCHES (Central European Summer Time)


InnerSphere vs Les Touristes
20:00 Death Toll [1-4] Group 2 Turn 1 Match 2


Group 1
Rank Team Matches Points Diff
1 Loshara Skill -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
2 Nameless -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
3 NrJ` team -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
4 Sexy` -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
5 simp1eX -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
6 Velle Vincere -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
7 Z-Grade -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
Group 2
Rank Team Matches Points Diff
1 √elocity -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
2 σνєяνιєω -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
3 InnerSphere -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
4 Les Touristes -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
5 NoObErs KiLeRs -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
6 Northsiders -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
7 Team Guilty -/-/-/-/-/- - 0
Group 3
Rank Team Matches Points Diff
1 Ƹnigmᴧ -/-/-/-/- - 0
2 Accelerate -/-/-/-/- - 0
3 Homunculus -/-/-/-/- - 0
4 Star Team -/-/-/-/- - 0
5 Team B$ -/-/-/-/- - 0
6 Team S0uND -/-/-/-/- - 0
Group 4
Rank Team Matches Points Diff
1 #basedSQUAD -/- - 0
2 Health Care Professionals -/- - 0
3 The Great Por que? -/- - 0
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the International’s Cup started… banner

The International L4D2 – last instructions.

Throughout the tournament all encounters without previous notification or mandatory matchmedia are invalid – no exceptions! ProMod (3.3.3) is the only legit config, regardless of minor server side differences (e.g. fixed falling damage). Both teams have to agree on a specific tickrate - otherwise default!

Moral laws (e.g. ladder block) apply in addition to basic rules. Please apologize on previous – discarded – decisions.

>> L4D2TV – groups, brackets & more

GROUPS: (09.09.13 – 30.09.13)
The map pool during the groupstages contains all non-custom maps. Both team captains pick out maps in sequence, whereby the last remaining campaign has to be played. Try to out draft your opponents! All matches have to be played within two weeks.

BRACKETS: (01.10.13 – 14.10.13)
The two leading teams of each group will reach the double-elimination brackets. This will be the first time, that teams from different continents meet each other, consequently you will have to play every campaign twice and on different located servers.

- The Parish
- Dark Carnival
- Hard Rain

An additional AntiCheat (e.g. UAC) is not required, however all particpants will have to record a demo and take a screenshot from the endscore. You can upload your – clearly labled (e.g. TeamA-vs-TeamB_c5m1)- matchmedia here.

Still uncleared issues ? Add a reference person of your choice :)

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Another new L4D2 mate

bannerleft4dead2subiconsThe last days we received alot of request of people that wants to join our Team.
One of this requester has now been accepted to be part of the InnerSphere Left 4 Dead 2 Team.

Welcome to ʛenius ﮬpe.

InnerSphere is nothing new for ʛenius ﮬpe. He already know ISp from his UT2k3 times where he was part of the a-Losers.MSI Team.

We are happy to have him in our Team and now looking forward and preparing for the Cup which will start on 9.9.2013.

Welcome ʛenius ﮬpe.

News about the Cup will follow soon.

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