Evolve Season Pass2, T5 & PCMR infos

evolve_hunting_season2Heute wurden neue informationen zum neuen Season Pass 2 rausgegeben.

Demnach bekommen die PC Monster Race Edition Besitzer nun alle 4 neuen Jäger und das 5te Monster sowie 5 Skins kostenlos dazu, anstatt wie vorher nur das Monster und 2 der 4 neuen Jäger.

Zusätzlich wurde bekannt, dass der Inhalt nach und nach veröffentlicht wird und spätestens 31. März 2016 komplett released wurde. Diese Zeitspanne ist natürlich beachtlich groß und wir hoffen, dass die Entwickler sich nicht wirklich so viel Zeit lassen am Ende.

Hier die Infos aus dem Forum von Turtlerock:

Evolve Hunting Season 2 Roll Out and Structure


Lennox, our new Assault, and the first character from Hunting Season 2 is now available on most platforms. This will be a rolling update across all platforms, but we expect her to be available by 9 PM PT on all platforms.

Lennox is the first Hunter in Evolve to feature a melee attack. Her ‘Thunderchild’ mechanized suit is equipped with a Plasma Lance that deals massive amounts of damage in close combat, while her Autocannon and Thunder Strike attack allow Lennox to fight when outside of melee range.

Hunting Season 2

Evolve Hunting Season 2 is currently available for purchase for $24.99. In addition to Lennox, Hunting Season 2 will include three more Hunter characters and one Monster character, all of which will be made available prior to March 31, 2016.

Those who purchase the new Monster and Hunters as part of Hunting Season 2 will also receive an additional exclusive skin with the launch of each of the five new included playable characters.

Pricing and Content

Along with this release of new content we are making adjustments to the pricing of all post-launch playable characters.

Starting with the update, we are adjusting the price of individual monsters to $9.99 and individual hunters to $4.99, both present and future. In addition, Hunting Season 1 has been adjusted to $14.99 and as a bonus we have added 4 exclusive Artic skins to the package. If you’ve already purchased Hunting Season 1, you’ll get the Arctic skins as well, with the update, at no extra charge.

PC Monster Race Edition

Those of you that purchased the Evolve PC Monster Race Edition will receive all content featured in Hunting Season 2: Four Hunters, One Monster, and five exclusive skins, one for each of the upcoming characters. Originally slated to include one Monster and two Hunters, we’ve thrown in the third and fourth Hunter for free as a thank you for your support. You will also receive the four exclusive Arctic skins for the Hunters from Hunting Season 1 as well.

Moving Forward

We heard a lot of your feedback on Evolve’s post launch content. In order to make things a bit more clear, we have renamed our Season Passes to Hunting Seasons, something we feel better represents the content you receive. Our goal is to continue to provide you all with new characters and content as long as there is a hunger for it. We are also continuing to work on new ways to provide you with free content and additions to the game. We will continue our weekly challenges which have already given out thirteen skins, and have new updates in the works to add new content and features to Evolve, as we did with our Observer Tool and Arena Mode updates. There is one feature we are especially excited about, and will have more to reveal in the future.

Patch Notes

For complete patch notes from today’s update, check them out here.


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Evolve Mega update 4.0.1


Ab heute gibt es den neuen Assault Lennox. Das Hunter Season2 Pack ist nun zum kauf verfügbar.

Mit Lennox haben die Entwickler von Turtlerock Studios einige improvements mitgebracht, viele Fehler behoben und die AI verbessert.

Hier die Patchnotes aus dem Turtlerock Forum:

New Features

  • New assault character Lennox


  • Improved the quality of Matchmaking on the XB1.
    • Fixed a case where users were unable to accept invites after leaving a game lobby.
    • Fixed not having a sign-in prompt after getting signed out while loading into a multiplayer game.
    • Title will crash when searching for a match from multiplayer.
    • Fixed issue where User is not taken to lobby when accepting an invite from startup screen.
    • Fixed issue where the host leaves the match on the Character Select Screen but other players can still see them in the match.
    • Host of 5 person Custom match unable to start the game issue. “outofsync”
    • Players are unable to find each other when searching Evacuation.
    • Fixed a low frame rate issue that could occur when there was a full lobby in an online match.
    • Fixed players appearing to still be in a match after they had been disconnected from a server.
    • Fixed title crashing to home when user accepts a game invitation during single player Evacuation.
    • Fixed an issue where joining a game didn’t display the other player’s gamertag.
    • Fixed an issue where users would get a “Connection to host failed” error when going into multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to join in progress from the “Press A to Start” screen.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed 2 users to start into a match on their own after searching.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to join on a friend from the XBox Dashboard.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when 2 users that were going to connect while searching Skirmish.
    • Fixed a matchmaking issue where a party of 4 were unable to find a game.
    • Fixed an issue where clients would get disconnected when a host quits the game from the dashboard.
    • Fixed a failed search condition that could happen if the user had already cancelled and restarted searching.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to find each other in evacuation PvP.
  • Fixed transition to lobby potentially causing players to disconnect.
  • Fixed issue where canceling into Skirmish lobby would cause disconnect.
  • Fixed issue where leaving Multiplayer & re-entering would break UI.
  • Fixed issue when you get error “Failed to Connect Product Ownership authentication failed.” while joining friends in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue regarding “Connection to host failed.” when attempting to hot join a full match.
  • Fixed users not falling back to the lobby if everyone else left the game.
  • Fixed an issues that caused players searching in a particular mode to be match made into a different game mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to get disconnected while loading into matches.
  • Fixed an issue where a lobby could show a map loading screen when it should just be a lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if round robin was disabled, clients would continuously be brought back into team selection after a monster left.


  • Audio/VO
    • Remixed a number of audio file to have a more consistent volume across the board
    • Fixed a problem where a sound effect was being played twice when the awards first appear during the Round Summary.
    • Fixed a problem where muting someone that is taking a break from the Player Options screen would fail.
    • Fixed a lot of pre-round sounds that were missing for button highlights, selections and backing out of the various panels.
    • Fixed issues with long pauses between VO dialog in the dropship.
    • Fixed jetpack audio issues not being tied to the actual position of the player.
    • Fixed up some VO conversations playing at inappropriate times.
    • Fixed some Campaign effect dropship banter playing for the wrong effect.
    • Fixed incorrect dropship banter playing during campaign.
  • Crashes
    • Fixed a crash that would happen during a streaming installation.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur in sleep mode.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when signing out while loading into the character select of arena mode.
  • UI
    • Added an option to hide awards from popping up in the corner through the Options Menu.
    • Fixed an issue with negative global averages.
    • Fixed an issue with the distance values that were not showing up when viewing allies beyond 60 meters.
    • Fixed the “Take over bot” UI so that it properly appears when late joining as the monster.
    • Fixed a problem where the monster player could open the minimap while the ability selection UI was open, which would cause the minimap to appear underneath it.
    • Fixed a problem where the replay event log would stay open when transitioning to the Team Selection screen.
    • Fixed a UI issue that would cause purchased characters to appear locked when they should be unlocked.
    • Fixed a UI issue related to news ticker transitions.
    • Fixed a problem in the Round Summary where skipping through the level up banner animation would cause undefined values to appear in the award screen.
    • Fixed issues with undefined text appearing in the round summary screen.
    • Fixed various issues with incorrect information being displayed after hitting max level.
    • Fixed UI issue when unlocking multiple items during the round summary.
    • Fixed some problems with the Round Summary trying to play multiple instances of the same sound.
    • Fixed issues that were causing bot characters to not show up in the pre-round screen.
    • Fixed issues where colors of class labels could appear incorrect.
    • Fixed multiple issues in pre-round where disabling the perks via the custom game options would cause missing or incorrect characters to appear when backing out from the ready pane.
    • Fixed a problem where a few warning dialogs in pre-round could persist to the loading screen so they would overlap tutorial videos potentially.
  • Graphical
    • Fixed an issue where the monster would join the match as invisible and without abilities or health when hot joining a party host while on the character select screen of a multiplayer match.
    • Fixed resolution problem resulting in blurry screen.
    • Fixed a number of particle rendering issues
    • Fixed a black screen that could appear when loading into the character select screen.
    • Fixed an issue where textures could become offset in the pre-round screen.

Arena Mode

  • Added separate game option for Elite Wildlife in Arena Mode.
  • Added VO when sudden death begins.
  • Arena Mode Sole Survivor will trigger 2 minutes until a battle draw.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would abruptly cut out and the end of a match.
  • Fixed Arena Mode battle draw timer not showing up.
  • Fixed camera not working properly for an observer if you restarted the server.
  • Fixed seeing remote players running in place during the freeze time in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed a bug with traversal abilities possibly not working in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed achievements not working properly in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed edge case where the draw timer would appear early if sudden death was triggered.
  • Fixed a problem where late joining an Arena match would cause the late joiner to be stuck on the loading screen forever.
  • Fixed minimap visibility problems during arena mode.
  • Fixed an issues that was causing the sudden death timer to not work properly in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the UI would overlap with the “Please Wait…” spinner.
  • Fixed a crash that might occur when playing consecutive rounds of Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow the monster to knock hunters outside the arena.
  • Fixed an arena on Barracks that could result in an immediate win for the hunters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the monster to not get a replay screen after the post round screen.
  • Fixed an issue with take a break prompt displaying when entering a new Arena match.
  • Fixed issues that led to the ability selection UI not opening properly for the monster in Arena mode.

Observer Mode

  • Added observer HUD input functionality that allows changing the spectator target using the bumpers on the controller.
  • Added functionality that allows the bumpers and the up/down directions to allow the user to change the spectator target even while the HUD is hidden.
  • Fixed Observer HUD hint visibility fixes.
  • Fixed a problem where the screen would be black if you joined late as an observer.
  • Fixed a problem where a late joining observer would see a round summary timeline that starts at 0% instead of 100% along with overlapping text.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the observer HUD input to ignore the left thumbstick when playing with a fresh profile.


  • Various fixes were included that affected AI pathing, collision, textures, map exploits, gameplay adjustments, minimap updates, climbable surfaces, graphical occlusion, lighting, and performance improvements to the following maps.
    • Orbital Drill, Broken Hill Mine, Broken Hill Foundry, Weather Control, Barracks, MedLab, Refueling Tower, Aviary, The Dam, Fusion Plant, Barracks,
  • Adjustments to Dome positions for Arena mode: MedLab, Refueling Tower, Fusion Plant, Broken Hill Mine, The Dam, Orbital Drill, Broken Hill Foundry, Weather Control
  • Fixes to various campaign effects.


  • Hunter AI
    • AI Hunters improved behavior when hunting the monster.
    • AI Hunters will now follow Daisy when there is no human controlled Hunter.
    • AI Hunters have been adjusted to better help incapped Hunters.
    • AI Hunters now attack Monsters after staging up and standing still.
    • AI Hunters will now target Banshee Mines.
    • Fixed an issue where AI would try to plant items in bad spots.
  • Knockback
    • Adjusted knockback state velocity to work more appropriately with different angled forces.


  • Arc Mines
    • Arc Mine should now be visible in hand while in third person.


  • AI
    • AI will now plant sound sensor in Arena mode.


  • General
    • Made the accuracy lines visible when using Crow’s Long Rifle.
  • AI
    • AI Crow will stop using stasis gun when teammate is pounced.
  • Stasis Gun
    • Stasis Gun has the proper aim assist settings.


  • Stasis Grenade
    • Fixed Stasis Grenade mastery not working.


  • AI
    • Fixed an AI issue where Slim would continually send out the healing drone.
  • Heal Drone
    • If Slim gets incapped while aiming healing drone, he will no longer automatically fire it upon being picked up.
    • Fixed a minor bug with selecting the healing drone by scrolling on the mouse wheel.


  • AI
    • AI will not use her jetpack booster on a teammate that is being pounced.
    • AI jetpack booster boosts dodge less.
  • Achievements
    • Fixed Equal Opportunity Achievement not checking.
  • Progression/Mastery
    • Fixed Sunny’s expert and elite mastery not working on jetpack boost.
  • UI
    • Fixed Jetpack UI issue to properly display how much of her energy is being used.
  • Shield Drone
    • Fixed an issue where the shield drone could make sunny invulnerable.


  • AI
    • AI will use cloak more often.

Monsters (all)

  • AI
    • AI Monster will no longer focus on the shield drone while it is deploying.
    • AI Monster improvements when playing in Arena Mode.
    • AI will be unable to path to or attack Hunters when on top of a large silo in the Caustic Siphon section of Arena Mode.
  • UI
    • Fixed multiple cases where the “You are Slowed” message was not showing at the proper time when stasis grenades were affecting the monster.


  • Now attack the Trapper when camping on top of trees with the Mobile Arena active during Defend or Nest gameplay.


  • Melee
    • Fixed issue where Goliath Heavy Lunge attack would fall short of target.
    • Fixed issue where Goliath could move super fast when spamming melee attacks


  • General
    • Abilities will no longer keep Kraken in the air when under the effects of a tranquilizer, stasis, or harpoon.
    • Traversal stamina takes 3 seconds longer to fully recharge from empty when in combat.
  • AI
    • Adjustments to AI flight behavior.
  • Banshee Mines
    • Banshee Mines now have a .5 second delay before they can hone in on a target.


  • AI
    • AI improvements to traversal decision making.


  • General
    • Fixed issue where effects can get left behind by rock prison.
    • Fixed various issues with fissure disappearing, going the wrong direction, and being generally unreliable.
  • AI
    • Fixed an AI issue where Behemoth had difficulty targeting hunters on different elevations.

Hotfix (PC)

  • Perk
    • Fixed Quick Reload perks to work correctly with Mobile Arena
  • Hunter
    • Parnell
      • Super Soldier
        • Fixed compounding damage multipliers affecting life loss
  • Monster
    • General
      • Reduced evolve time from 11 seconds to 9 seconds
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Evolve Tier 5 Character Reveal

Endlich ist es soweit. Die Jungs von Turtlerockstudios haben die ersten Tier 5 Charaktere revealed. Aktuell bekannt sind, der neue Assault Ida Lennox. Eine Oma im Kampfanzug :). Die weiteren Jäger werden wohl die Tage nach und nach bekanntgegeben. Das neue Monster scheint eine Art Spinne oder zumindest Insekt zu sein.

Hier der Reveal Trailer der alle Silhouetten zeigt.

Lennox, the new Assault

** Released 23rd June **


  • Personal Shield (Assault specific ability)
  • Plasma Whip (short range melee style attack, multiple successful attacks increases damage multiplier for the whip damage, cancelled by missing attacks, taking too long between attacks, or getting hit)
  • Auto cannon (ranged consistent damage automatic weapon, similar to minigun I guess)
  • Thunder Strike (Powered „dash“ to land an AoE ground smash, kind of like Leap Smash for a hunter)

Special extra: Lennox can’t be „knocked back“ by monster abilities. <– specifics to come on how this works

Zum Abschluss, hier ein fünf-minütiger Gameplay Trailer von Ida Lennox:

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BFBC2 &vietnam video montage

battlefield badcompany2 vietnam banner

Es ist wieder soweit! Ein neues Frag Video von mir ist online. Ruff in the Jungle ist eine Battlefield Bad Company 2 & Vietnam Video Montage. Die Szenen sind im Herbst 2014 entstanden nachdem Schnaddelfratz, Huey und ich eine Zeitlang dieses Spiel gespielt haben, bevor ich über Chivalry Medieval Warfar und Counter-Strike Global Offensive zu Evolve gekommen bin. Auch von den zuletzt genannten spielen habe ich noch Aufnahmen auf meiner Platte und ich habe bereits angefangen diese in einem weiterem Video zu verwerten, welches zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erscheint.

Viel Spaß beim schauen in 1080p @ 60 fps

greetz yromem

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Evolve Patch 3.3.2 released

evolve_banner1Hotfix (PC)


  • Fixed an issue where Healing was causing an interrupt and thus not allowing the player to revive a player while being healed.

Micropatch (PC)


  • Fixed a bug where Kraken’s heavy attack had twice the range it should have.


  • Abe
    • Tracking Dart duration reduced to 35 seconds (was 45)


  • Wraith
    • Supernova
      • Replaced damage with duration when leveling – fixes heavy melee attack damage being multiplied.
        Supernova specific melee attack damage now set per Monster stage.
      • Stage 1 – 45
      • Stage 2 – 59
      • Stage 3 – 77
    • Decoy
      • Lvl 2 damage reduced to 150% (was 175%)
      • Lvl 3 damage reduced to 200% (was 250%)
    • Armor
      • Increased Max Armor to 3000 (was 2500)
    • Health
      • Increased Stage 1 Health to 6500 (was 6000)
      • Increased Stage 2 Health to 10,000 (was 9500)
      • Increased Stage 3 Health to 13,500 (was 13,000)
  • Goliath
    • Charge
      • Lvl 1
        • Damage Radius increased to 2.7 (was 2.3)
      • Speed increased to 16 (was 14)
        • Damage increased to 332 (was 297)
      • Lvl 2
        • Damage Radius increased to 3.3 (was 3)
        • Speed increased to 17 (was 15)
        • Damage increased to 415 (was 385)
      • Lvl 3
        • Speed increased to 18 (was 16)
    • Flame Breath
      • Lvl 1
        • Range increased to 16.5 (was 15)
        • Direct damage per tick increased to 36 (was 33)
      • Lvl 2
        • Range increased to 21 (was 19)
        • Direct damage per tick increased to 45 (was 43)
    • Leap Attack
      • Lvl 1
        • Damage increased to 400 (was 355)
        • Radius increased to 5.3 (was 4.7)
      • Lvl 2
        • Damage increased to 500 (was 460)
        • Radius increased to 6.6 (was 6.1)
    • Rock Throw
      • Lvl 1
        • Direct damage increased to 265 (was 236.5)
        • Splash damage increased to 265 (was 236.5)
      • Lvl 2
        • Direct damage increased to 332 (was 307)
        • Splash damage increased to 332 (was 307)
  • Behemoth
    • Traversal
      • Reduced minimum energy to start to 20% (was 30)
      • Reduced harpoon drag power on the roll to 20% (was 25)
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Evolve Arena Mode Challenge!

Evolve Arena Mode

Dieses Wochenende startet Turtlerock Studios wieder eines ihrer Challenges. Diesmal kann man 16 Jäger Skins erhalten. Nämlich alle Predator Skins für alle 4 Jäger. Das sind also 16 Stück zusammen.

Freitag um 12:01 Europäischer Zeit (ET) geht es los.

Hier eine kleine Liste mit Dingen die es zu beachten gibt:

1) Du kannst als jedes Monster oder jedem Hunter spielen, solange man ein ganzes Arena Spiel spielt und die Jäger gewinnen wird es als Sieg für das Challenge Ziel gewertet,

2) Die Jäger müssen 40,000 komplete (best of 3) Arena matches gewinnen um die Challenge zu beenden.

3) Jeder der dieses Wochenende den Arena Mode spielt und als Jäger gewinnt, nimmt an der Challenge teil egal ob im Multiplayer oder im Singleplayer. Allerdings muss Steam / Die Konsole online sein und mit den Servern verbunden sein um die Challengedaten aufzeichnen zu können.

4) Die gewonnenen Skins werden am 11 Juni herausgegeben.

Happy Hunting!

Quelle: http://evolvegame.com/news/arena-modus-herausforderungs-wochenende-de

Edit: The Challange was not successfull. Only 30.000 matches have been won.

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Evolve Quickfix 3.2.1 released

PC Hotfix

  • Fullscreen for all resolutions should display correctly.
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Evolve Patch 3.1.1 (PC) & 3.0.1 (Konsole)

Die Entwickler von Turtlerockstudios haben nachgelegt und einen Micropatch v3.1.1  für den PC veröffentlicht und die bereits für den PC veröffentlichten Änderungen des Patches v3.0.1 sind nun auch für die Konsolen da.

Alle Änderungen:

PC Hotfix


  • Kraken
    • Kraken will now descend when hit with a tranq, dart, or harpoon even when using abilities
  • Behemoth
    • Fixed a crash when using Tongue Grab
    • Fissure
      • Fixed issues where the ability VFX would not appear at Stage 3
      • Fixed an issue where the ability would fire off in the incorrect direction
      • Fixed a server crash when using Fissure
    • Rock Wall
      • Fixed an issue with slabs not appearing if the ability was used on terrain with significant altitude changes


  • General
    • Knockbacks and Tumbles
      • Added a cap to knockback velocity
      • Added a hard cap to how long you can be „locked down“ and set it at .75 seconds.
      • After this time is up the player will regain the ability to jetpack, use abilities and shoot though they still may affected by any momentum caused by the initial knockback or tumble. (Hint: Jetpack Dodging will correct the momentum velocity)
      • The player will regain full control when the knockback velocity matches or is less than the base speed of the Hunter
      • Changed the way in which momentum and velocity is applied to the Hunters when a knockback or tumble is applied.
        It should be far harder for the Monster to „juggle“ the player as the direction is now not the same direction that the attack came from but is now calculated by the direction of the attack and the direction the Hunter is moving.
  • Security
    • Additional security checks

Micropatch (All Platforms)


  • Hunt Mode
    • Sudden Death forgiveness timer reduced to ten seconds (was fifteen)
    • Crow’s Stasis Gun now has the proper aim assist settings
    • Slim has his own jetpack so we missed the new jetpack tuning on him. Fixed now.


  • All/ General
    • Aim Assist
      • Snap to target only lasts .1 seconds now (was .5)
      • Snap to target no longer works for damage dealing weapons
    • Fixed the Quick Reload Perk and Elite Wildlife Buff to reduce the time to reload rather than increase it
    • Jetpack fuel is no longer used when airborne and moving a direction but not thrusting (previously used 1.5% per second.) This fixes Hunters burning jetpack fuel while in a knockdown state.
    • Jetpack fuel recharges at 7% per second (was 7.5% per second.) Essentially takes ~1 second longer to fully recharge from empty to compensate so that Hunters cover the same amount of distance in the same amount of time.
  • Hank
    • Laser Cutter
      • Laser Cutter has less zoom in iron sights mode
  • Sunny
    • Jetpack Boost
      • Max range reduced to 40 meters (was 60)
      • Provides 50% less thrust boost on jetpack dodges
    • Shield Drone
      • Maximum shielding range reduced to 40 meters (was 60)
      • Hit points of the drone decreased by 40% (easier to destroy)
    • Mininuke
      • Increased proximity detonation radius to help vs airborne targets
  • Lazarus
    • Heal Burst
      • Radius increased to 30 meters (was 15)
  • Caira
    • Healing Grenades
      • Radius reduced to 8 meters (was 10)
  • Torvald
    • Mortar
      • Gravity reduced to -10 (was -20)
      • Explosion min_radius reduced to 4 (was 5)
      • Explosion max_radius reduced to 8 (was 9)
      • Mortar Cannon reload time increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Markov
    • Arc Mines damage increase to 550 from 500
  • Val
    • Heal Burst recharge time reduced to 20 seconds from 22
    • Tranquilizer duration reduced to 8 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Slim
    • Leech Gun accuracy is now dynamic. Works at long range if you slow your fire rate.
    • Heal Burst effectiveness on incapped players increased to 302 health from 275
    • Heal Burst effectiveness on alive players increased to 220 health from 200
    • Heal Burst effectiveness on himself increased to 192 health from 175


  • All
    • Melee Stamina
      • Goliath, Kraken and Wraith melee stamina auto fill time now set to 3 seconds (was quicker before but varied per monster)
    • Armor Regeneration
      • Starts six seconds after damage taken (was 10). This helps make the armor regeneration perk more responsive.
  • Kraken
    • Reduced health at Stage 2 and 3
      • Stage 2 Health now 11500 was 12000
      • Stage 3 Health now 16000 was 17000
    • Lightning Strike
      • Moves at a constant speed (used to move faster on the far plane initially, then slow down)
  • Behemoth
    • Reduced the movement speed reduction when Harpooned while in a roll to 25%. Was 50%.
    • Stamina use during the roll has been reduced to 6% per second from 6.5% per second
    • Initial Stamina use when activating the roll has been reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Wraith
    • Reduced Warp Blast’s Radius
      • Level 1 is now 6 meters from 6.5
      • Level 2 is 7.8 meters from 8.5
      • Level 3 is 10 meters from 11

Elite Wildlife

  • Armadon Bull
    • Health increased 33%
  • Blitzleopard
    • Health increased 25%
    • Speed increased 38%
  • Canyon Strider
    • Speed increased 38%
  • Cephaladon
    • Health increased 40%
  • Crowbill Sloth
    • Health increased 34%
  • Mammoth Bird
    • Health increased 70%
    • Speed increased 30%
  • Marsh Strider
    • Speed increased 38%
  • Megamouth
    • Health increased 34%
  • Nomad
    • Health increased 34%
  • Obsidian Grub
    • Health increased by 100%
  • Reaver
    • Health increased by 150%
    • Speed increased by 23%
  • Steamadon
    • Health increased by 150%
    • Speed increased by 15%
  • Tyrant
    • Health increased by 37%
  • Venomhound
    • Health increased by 190%
    • Speed increased by 15%

Elite Wildlife Buffs

  • Blitzleopard
    • Monster Climb Speed increased to 75% from 50%
  • Armadon Bull
    • Hunter and Monster damage reduction now 25% (was 35%)
  • Crowbill Sloth
    • Hunter and Monster damage bonus now 25% (was 35%)
  • Mammoth Bird
    • Monster Ability cooldown now 35% (was 50%)
    • Hunter Reload/Recharge bonus now includes electronic devices.
  • Megamouth
    • Monster Pounce damage bonus now 50% (was 100%)
    • Hunter class special cooldown reduction now 35% (was 50%)
  • Nomad
    • Hunter jetpack recharge bonus now 150% (was 200%)
    • Monster traversal stamina bonus now 50% (was 100%)
  • Tyrant
    • Monster duration reduced to 2 minutes (was 5)
    • Hunter duration reduced to 3 minutes (was 5)
    • Hunter health regeneration rate reduced by 20%
  • Character Perks
    • Damage Bonus (M & H)
    • Reduced to 5%, 7.5% and 10% (was 7.5, 10, 15)
  • Armor Regeneration (M)
    • Increased to 50%, 75%, 100% (was 25, 38, 50)
  • Cooldown Reduction (M)
    • Decreased to 10%, 15%, and 20% (was 15, 23,30)
  • Movement Speed (M & H)
    • Increased to 15%, 20% and 25% (was 10, 15, 20)
  • Stamina Bonus (M)
    • Reduced to 20%, 30%, 40% (was 25, 35, 50)
  • Climb Speed (M)
    • Increased to 50% (was 30)
  • Reload Speed (H)
    • Decreased to 15%, 20%, 25% (was 15, 2, 30)
  • Jump Height (H)
    • Increased to 300% (was 200)

Mastery Adjustments

  • Reduced the requirements for the following masteries
  • Skilled Tongue Grab
    • Grab 10 creatures with tongue grab
  • Skilled Shrapnel Grenade
    • Allow 160 Bonus Damage (from weak spots)
  • Skilled Rock Wall
    • Deal 5500 damage with the wall
  • Skilled Fissure
    • Deal 13000 damage
  • Skilled Leech Gun
    • Do 20000 Damage
  • Expert Spore Cloud Launcher
    • Keep the Monster in smoke for 5 seconds (20 times)
  • Expert Shield Drone
    • Shield 19000 total damage
  • Expert Tongue Grab
    • Grab Hunters 25 times
  • Expert Lava Bomb
    • Hit multiple creatures 20 times
  • Expert Healing Drone
    • Revive 10 teammates with a Healing Drone
  • Elite Shield Drone
    • Shield 2000 damage in a single round 20 times
  • Elite Healing Drone
    • Heal 20 teammates from 80 meters away
  • Elite Tongue Grab
    • Grab Hunters in mid-air 30 times
  • Elite Fissure
    • Deal damage to multiple Hunters 30 times
  • Elite Spore Cloud Launcher
    • Smoke Revive 10 teammates
  • Increased the requirements for the following masteries
  • Expert Rock Wall
    • Trap a creature between the wall and you 60 times
  • Elite Stasis Gun
    • Enable the team to do 110000 damage while the monster is slowed
  • Elite Lava Bomb
    • HIt multiple Hunters 100 times

Award Adjustments

  • Tuned requirements for more consistent XP awarded between characters
  • Hyde increased requirements for RPS Beast
    • 520 damage
  • Hyde increased requirements for Noxious
    • 525 damage
  • Griffin decreased requirements for Close Quarters
    • 630 damage
  • Val decreased requirements for Quick Fix
    • 2000 health
  • Torvald increased requirements for Obliterated
    • 1800 damage
  • Torvald increased requirements for A Thousand Cuts
    • 5 hits
  • Crow increased requirements for Stop Motion
    • slow for 12 seconds
  • Sunny increased requirements for Power Aid
    • boost for 24 seconds

Console Only Micropatch


  • Torvald
    • Mortar
      • Spread reduced to 2.5 (was 5)


  • Kraken
    • Max Glide Speed while Tranqed or in Stasis reduced to 8 from 9
      • Gravity while Tranqed increased to 7 from 6
      • Gravity while in Stasis increased to 8 from 7
    • The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Griffin while Harpooned has been has been increased to 12 from 1
    • The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Harpoon traps has been increase to 1.5 from 1. (This stacks so four traps would pull Kraken towards them at a rate of 6)
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Evolve Arena Mode released

evolvebanner2Der Evolve Arena Modus ist veröffentlicht worden. In diesem Modus treten die Jäger und das Monster in einem best of 3 Match gegeneinander an. Gleich zu beginn des Kampfes wird die Arena aufgebaut und es geht sofort los. Das Monster startet auf Stufe 2 mit der hälfte der Panzerung. Anders als die Jäger kann das Monster seine Fähigkeiten nach jedem Kampf ändern, nicht jedoch das Monster selber.
Die Arena ist eine gute Gelegenheit für Spieler den Kampf zu trainieren ohne das taktieren einer Jagd beherrschen zu müssen.

Hier eine kleine Vorschau:

Mit dem Arena Mode kommen folgende Neuerungen (englisch):

Arena Mode is now available!

  • Hunters
    • All
      • Aim Assist (controller)
        • Snap to target lasts .1 seconds now (was .5)
        • Snap to target no longer works for damage dealing weapons.
      • Tons of new dropship conversations added for all Hunters and combinations of Hunters.
      • If Trappers leave the dome it comes down after 10 seconds.
      • Bots now randomize characters between all Hunters owned (not just Team A)
    • Caira
      • Healing Grenade radius reduced to 8 meters (was 10)
    • Hank
      • Laser Cutter has less zoom in iron sights mode.
    • Lazarus
      • Heal Burst radius increased to 30 meters (was 15)
    • Sunny
      • Jetpack Booster maximum range reduced to 40 meters (was 60)
      • Shield Drone maximum range reduced to 40 meters (was 60)
    • Torvald
      • Mortar gravity reduced to -10 (was -20)
      • Mortar explosion min and max radius reduced to 4 and 8 (was 5 and 9)
  • Monsters
    • All
      • All monster health and armor bars are now proportional to each other.
      • Automatic 180 degree rear facing melee attacks disabled, except for incap grapples and manually triggered rear facing harpoon break attacks. This fixes the Monster attacking the wrong targets.
    • Goliath
      • Charge Attack knockbacks reduced to keep targets closer to Goliath. Allows Goliath to capitalize on successful Charges more easily.
    • Kraken
      • Banshee Mines
        • Minimum arm time is set to 1 second. It will still home in on a detected enemy but won’t explode.
        • Invulnerability is set to .3 seconds. This allows the Banshee mine to be seen before it gets destroyed.
    • Behemoth
      • Rock Wall
        • Now breaks Hunter deployables.
        • Lots of fixes to make it more reliable.
    • Perks
      • Damage Reduction
        • One Star is now 5% (was 7.5%)
        • Two Star is now 7.5% (was 11%)
        • Three Star is now 10% (was 15%)
  • Maps
    • Med Lab, The Dam, Orbital Drill, Barracks and Rendering Plant updated – removing exploits, making traversal through the map smoother, fixing non-climbable surfaces, adding routes and line of sight blockers where necessary, etc.
  • Misc
    • Particle and Texture loading optimizations to help improve load times.
    • Each player’s preferred role will now appear in the lobby. This should help players understand what to expect for role selection.
    • Added replay events (including Survivors and Eggs) in the post round screen for Nest and Rescue modes.
    • Added an option to default to P2P rather than dedicated servers.
    • Observers can now use the analog stick to switch between users.
    • The left stick now controls the camera and cursor selection when using Southpaw or Legacy Southpaw in Observer Mode.
    • The Round Robin feature is now enabled in Custom Games.
    • Gray now added as a color for badges.
    • Lots of updated UI audio throughout the game.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Slim
      • Fix for Masteries counting towards other Hunters.
    • Goliath
      • Fix to momentum being lost when running into breakables.
      • Fixed being able to activate other abilities while performing a Leap Smash.
      • Fixed instances where Rock Throw could one shot kill a Hunter.
    • Observer Mode
      • Minor HUD fixes for instances when the UI does not show up properly.
      • Fix for the Mouse curser showing up when playing a match after being an Observer in a different match.
      • Fixed an issue when late joining that would force the player into the Observer Role.
      • Fixed an issue where the Observer would load into the game with a black screen and incomplete UI.
      • The HUD for the Monster will now update properly for the Observer when the Monster becomes bot controlled and evolves.
      • The Monster’s current stage information will now show up properly when viewing an AI Monster in Observer Mode.
      • Lots of minor fixes
    • Misc
      • Lots of fixes for crashes both on the server and on the client.
      • Fixed an issue for level 40 players where „undefined“ would appear after a round summary screen for the player’s level.
      • Fixed an issue that could delay the spawning of the third group of survivors in rescue mode.
      • Fixed character names missing when viewing the Video Gallery on the main menu.
      • Fixed Battle Report showing up as „Undefined“ when the party leader of a match leaves during the final post-round cinematic of a Evacuation Mode.
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Willkommen Team Happyfeed!


Nach einer ruhigen Phase auf unserer Homepage, möchte ich heute unser neues Evolve Team HappyFeed vorstellen.

InnerSphere Evolve Team Happyfeed:

– Das_T als Trapper und Teamleiter
– Thyroxin als Support
– Shizo als Medic
– Smoki als Assault
– Spliffa als Monster
– Ersatzspieler: Hans und Wally

Es könnte sein dass ihr hier in Zukunft mehr zu Lesen bekommt. Momentan spielen wir uns auf bestimmte Teamkompositionen ein.

Greetz yromem

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